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  • Boarded by the American Board of Emergency Medicine

  • 17 years of ED experience in top academic and community hospitals including ones in Lebanon, NH as well as in NYC (NYU, Cornell) and in London 

  • Emergency Medicine resident educator and medical school instructor

How to get care

Easy process

Message for a free phone evaluation by me to see if your condition is appropriate for a house call, telehealth or neither. 


Even if we don't end up working together, I will try my best to direct you to the best resources in the area.  

Dr. Ringwelski is fantastic.  


Words cannot capture how grateful and impressed I am with Dr. Ania at the Hanover ER Doc - she is truly amazing.

After injuring my knee, I experienced frustrating delays in getting appointments and imaging through my local healthcare system. But, within a day of contacting Dr. Ania, she conducted a thorough physical exam and promptly arranged for an MRI and a conclusive diagnosis, along with a treatment plan that included appointments with specialists and physical therapists. Her rate was super affordable, and absolutely worth it.

Dr. Ania's expertise in medicine is matched only by her exceptional communication skills. She explained everything in a way that was easy to understand, both before and after my diagnosis. And beyond her knowledge, Dr. Ania's bedside manner is phenomenal - her calm and confident demeanor put me at ease. I knew I was in good in hands.

As a current medical student, I am inspired by Dr. Ania and hope to emulate her bedside manner and quality of care when I become a practicing physician. I want my future patients to feel the same level of compassion and competence that Dr. Ania provided for me. While my issue was an orthopedic issue, in my conversations with Dr. Ania and her experiences as an ER physician, I am confident that she will help you traverse and solve any medical challenge that you might face with efficiency and a genuine concern for your well-being that will make you say “Wow! Why didn’t I call Dr. Ania sooner?!”

Thank you so much, Dr. Ania, for everything you did for me at the Hanover ER Doc!
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